Friday, July 4, 2008

A Nightmare...

Last night I had a nightmare. a Bona fide nightmare.

I was with my church group... we were all in our trek shirts, so I'm assuming that I was back on the trek I had last month. We were on trains, driving to several various church sites. But on our way to one, this giant robotic THING came out of nowhere and with him came all this fire and destruction. All the kids fell into a pit. The robot reached out his hand, stuck it into the pit, scooped up six or seven kids, and ATE THEM. I can still hear the crunching of their bones. He looked evil. He had big eyes... kind of like "The Iron Giant" except bigger and oranger and with fire coming from somewhere on his body. There was fire everywhere. Somehow I managed to not fall in the pit. So I tried to run and hide behind one of the burning train cares. But he saw me and reached out his hand and said "more." I was more scared than I had ever been in a dream. I bolted.

For some reason, the robot decided he was content to eat the kids in the pit. So I saw a whole bunch of my fellow churchgoing priests and laurels get chomped up and swallowed. Somehow I got the courage to come close to him and ask him, "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!"

He spoke in this deep, mechanical voice that ran through my body and eventually woke me up. "I was built to take care of this place... well, I was... hahaha!" Then he chomped up a whole bunch of kids again. I felt like I was going to be sick. Then he said, "You should have seen how my creator begged to not be destroyed. He said 'I own and maintain you! You can't eat me!' OWN AND MAINTAIN! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Then he laughed this maniacal laugh that made his eyes get all flamy and red and psycho and then he dove into the pit and ate everyone. I woke up to the sound of this laugh. I was shaking all over. It was still early in the morning, but I was afraid to go back to sleep.

Eventually I did, though. Then I dreamed that I was driving over this bridge and I ended up crashing my car through a concrete barrier and jumping from the bride I was on to another bridge. My friends were in the car with me, and they told me I just did something not only dangerous, but illegal. So we left the car on the bridge next to the broken concrete and ran. We went under the bridge into the river that was under us, and there we waited and watched as other drivers on the bridge stopped and looked at my white camry that was just sitting on the bridge with no owner. We feared the police would come, so Elizabeth Rhinevault, who happened to be with us, decided to to something about it. She swam until she was directly beneath the parked car on the bridge, and she spoke in a chipmunky voice. She said that she was carrying a bunch of druggies in the car, and they fell out of the car, crashed the barrier, and fell into the river. She then asked those who were up by the vehicle -- namely Mrs. Graff, who happened to be passing by -- to stay until we got out of the river and back to the car. There was no damage on the car, so they assumed Elizabeth was telling the truth and so they stayed. We swam out of the river and back up to the car. Then I woke up again.

I've had some weird dreams. That robot dream still freaks me out.

Oh, it's the fourth of July. Happy fourth all!!

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