Saturday, July 5, 2008

Alright, an Eventful Fourth...

I saw "Get Smart" with Thaddeus and the Redhead yesterday.

It was funnishly uncomfortable.

I loved being with him. With her. With both of them. They're both EXTREMELY nice people, which is why they work well together, I think. Anyway, Thaddeus picked me up and we drove out and saw the movie. Afterwards we decided we could still catch some fireworks. So we went up to a parking ramp and looked out along the horizons of our town and watched about six displays at once. They were far away, but we heard them.

Then we decided the stars were awful pretty that night, so we went out to a feild by my old Junior High School and we just laid down and watched the stars. The big dipper was out that night. That was the only constellation I recognized... And I saw it first. That was probably my favorite part of the night.

Then we went to the Redhead's house. We were going to watch a movie, but we couldn't decide on one, so Thaddeus simply played the guitar and we talked and joked around a bit. Thaddeus is very ticklish. So am I, but they never cared to see if I was. They were so cute, it made me want to go jump out of a window. Not die, necessarily, but do something that would take my mind off of it. And it takes something as extreme like jumping out a window to get my mind off of things like this. Does that make me a weird person? I think lots of people feel that way, they just don't want to admit it...

I felt like the thumb in a mittened hand. While Thaddeus and Redhead were enjoying themselves together, I felt a little like I wasn't supposed to be there. But they did seem very hospitable. Redhead talked to me a lot.. we have a lot in common. That's one thing I hate. Whenever I do something, Thaddeus always says things like, "Redhead does that too." And I wish I could say, "WELL I'M NOT REDHEAD, SO QUIT COMPARING ME TO HER ALL THE TIME!!"

Look at this, this entry is beginning to sound like my diary. Excuse my rants. On to more important things:

Anyway, time now for your traditional helena movie review on "Get Smart." Highly recommend it. It's got enough action and suspense, but it's also absolutely hilarious! The actor who plays Max is so silly... But he's so serious as he's being silly, it's even more silly! And this was probably Anne Hathaway at her best as well. My only problem: We never find out Agent 99's real name, and that annoys me. We know Max is Max, but who's Agent 99? Anyway, there are also some slams at the president in the movie. They're not bad, but you know what they're trying to say. So that added some extra political humor that I think some of my readers might enjoy.

Speaking of readers, I'm wondering if I should share this blog with anyone else in my friendship circle. My only thing against it would be all the personal stuff I've shoved in here. Like the beginning of this entry. But, at the same time, it's not impossible to remove this personal stuff, and if my readership widens enough, those who don't know me personally will never know who the people of which I speak are. Even those within my social circle might have a tough time with some of them, although just about everyone knows who Thaddeus and Redhead are. I didn't give them those nicknames to prevent people I know from understanding who they are. The purpose of these nicknames is to make sure that if there are any creepers out there, THEY won't know exactly who they are. I'm rambling now.

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