Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer Goals

Today, I begin summer classes.  Five for spring term.  Five for summer term.  But that does not mean I can't spend a little time for myself and get some summer goals checked off my list...

-- Finish Anna Karenina AS WELL AS finish the next book on my 100 Books list.
-- Read the entire book of Mormon before the first day of Fall semester.
-- Of course I want to go on dates and hang with boys, but I resolve to spend a little more time getting to know the girls in my ward.  Last summer, I was in the Relief Society Presidency, so I couldn't help but learn about the girls.  During this summer season, the female count is a lot lower than Fall/Winter.  I have no excuse not to at least learn all the girls' names and have a few conversations with them once in a while.
-- Magnify my calling.  I am the Humanitarian Service / Spiritual and Temporal Welfare council chair.  There's quite a lot on my plate, and I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed, but really, the goal of my council is to help people.  I hope to find service opportunities both within my ward and out in the "real world."
-- Write some more songs.  I have three swimming in my head and they need to come out soon or else they never will.
-- CLEAN ALL THE THINGS.  And keep things clean.
-- Play more sports.  Maybe some Ultimate, volleyball, basketball.  Maybe I should learn something new...
-- See Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers.  Also watch three other movies that I haven't seen yet, but should see.
-- Spend some time with my old friends that live in the area but I don't see very often.  There are a few friends I know from home in Minnesota, as well as some friends from Freshman year that I just don't see as often as I should.
-- Write in my journal more frequently.  That way I don't get overwhelmed when I have to go back and remember things that happened like four weeks ago.

I may add things, but these are the important ones.

Things Going On Today:  First day of classes.  Ward Organizational Meeting.
Blessings:  Not having to work at 7 AM EVERY morning this summer.
Listening to:  Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock.
Learned:  The poor Spoonbridge and Cherry was vandalized by a Kony 2012 Activist this week.  Fortunately, someone was able to scrub it off, and now the mark of ridiculousness is no more.

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