Monday, April 9, 2012

Decoration and Heaven and stuff

I have come to a conclusion about myself.  I like decorating things.  I like to decorate my body with clothes and jewelry.  I like to decorate my room with paper and posters and hanging things from the ceiling.  I like to decorate my notes with doodles and unnecessarily frilly handwriting.  I like to decorate a room with art and I like to decorate the air with music.  I like to decorate my computer with pictures and pretty words and rhymes and songs.
I think the arts are a way we add flourish and pizzazz to an otherwise very plain and boring existence.  Art is the addition of beauty and meaning to otherwise banal constructs that exist within our world.  Sound is simply sound, unless it is music.  Color is simply color, unless it is a painting or sculpture or photgraph.  We organize elements of existence around us to make something that is inherently meant to accent or decorate a small part of the world.  I don't think art is necessary for survival... but at the same time, who on this planet has lived without it?  We don't need it, and yet it is such a part of us that we do.
I really wish I could study aesthetics:  What makes something beautiful?  Why do we as human beings appreciate the diatonic scale, rather than, say the twelve-tone system used by Schonberg?  Why do some people feel emotionally moved by a work by Jackson Pollock, while others view it as just a bunch of splashes of workers' paint on a canvas?  Why do some people really connect with a poem, but for others it goes in one ear and out the other?  How does one captivate an audience?  How does one create something memorable?
One of the first things I want to do when I get to heaven is ask to take a look inside God's wardrobe.  I will try on all of the clothes and wear a different outfit every day of my eternal life.  I'm sure he'll have Louboutin shoes and Armani suits and Alexander McQueen relics.  I have a feeling those works have GOT to be inspired.  Then I wanna take a century-long stroll through God's art gallery -- take a look at every work Rothko ever made, and then move on to some more modern things like Warhol or Lichtenstein or David Smith.  Maybe god will have some of his own pieces he'd be willing to share.  And then every night I'd go and hear someone play beautiful music, and I'd sing aloud and not care about what others were saying about me.  That sounds like the kind of Heaven I'd enjoy.

Things Going On Today:  No FHE.  Writing my first cover letter.
Learned:  Ezra Booth was the first man to publish anti-mormon literature.
Blessings:  Shoes.  My hair.  Free food.
Listening to:  Nothing on at the moment.

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