Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Moments...

Listening to My Chemical Romance on my way home from school on a rainy day with my giant silver CD player that I had in Junior High School.  I didn't want to go home right away because I was feeling the bloody ambiance of the music blend with the wet green vegetation.  I can smell it.

Decorating my door with fun tye-dye wrapping paper my freshman year at Heritage. I had a lot of fun adding ribbons and stickers and random newspaper-clipped words to create an amazing collage that depicted the personalities of both myself and my roommate Ellen.  I miss that door.

Watching "Hunchback of Notre Dame" with my friend Katie in her basement while building the 3-D puzzle of Notre Dame on her carpeted floor.  She got me that puzzle for my birthday, and made me brownies with marshmallows in them.  I really love my friend Katie.

Sitting in the Heart of the City one summer evening with Charles talking about how to deal with people who are atheists.  We had light-sabers with us because we were planning on having a light-saber fight with other kids, but they never showed up, so we just talked.  Charles is a good guy.

Sitting in Brother Sprague's basement as my mom belted out Reba McIntyre and Martina McBride with the impromptu ward country band.  Brother West and Ben Miller were there, too.  And Katie played the piano.  One time, Ben wasn't there, but he left his sweatshirt from the week before, and I tried to smell the sweatshirt to see if I could catch the scent of Ben Miller, but I of course had no sense of smell so I was met with disappointment.

Flipping off a kid because he slammed his locker door into my head in Junior High.

Wearing Caitlyn's multi-color checkered skirt to church during one visit to Utah.  The skirt felt awkward and short.  She made me wear it because she said I wore black too much, which was just the way I liked things.

Eating at King's Buffet with Wes, Joe, and Mike.  Playing with crab's legs like little kids.  When we moved the claws in and out, they looked like little mouths.

Walking to the "Unbirthday Party" hosted by the 15th ward with Jacob and Adam.  Jacob kept asking me if I was cold because I was wearing a white dress in 30-degree weather.  Little did he know how happy and warm I felt.  Especially after passing Jordan Beal.  Two hot guys in one place.  That was pretty epic.

Staying up til 7 AM watching Bones in my room in nothing but a Bra.

Hearing Hunter say that I was an "all-around good person" during our sixth grade class.  We had to pull names from a basket and say something nice about that person we drew.  I felt so loved right then, I cried.  But I didn't let him see.

Listening to:  "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston (always wanted to make an a capella version of this song...)
Things Going On Today:  Institute, home teachers come over, I pull an all-nighter with friends last night.
Blessings:  Tennis shoes.  The sun.  Those friends I stayed up all night with.
Things Learned:  Aerial fireworks are only legal for this year because it's been so rainy.  The terms "first and second degree" are no longer used when medical professionals diagnose burns.

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