Monday, July 4, 2011

Lady Gaga in Japan

Lady Gaga recently visited the country of Japan and wore the following outfits:

Arrival at Narita Airport -- June 21
Gaga wore a green leather jacket from Valentino's Fall 2011 Collection.  The Dafodille platform pumps are by Christian Louboutin.  She also donned her "Pray for Japan" bracelet by Haus of Gaga and the iconic blue wig she wore all throughout Europe and for Canada's MuchMusic show.
Gaga stated in an interview that the green look was to promote an awareness of the environment in the wake of the earthquake disasters in Japan back in March.

Shopping at Harajuku -- June 23
Wearing an outfit titled "Eva – Leather Rings Tee and Ines  Pleather Hook Trousers" by Fanny and Jessy for Spring/Summer "Watch this Face" Collection.

At the MTV Video Music Aid Japan Press Conference -- June 24
The Gags wore a feather necklace designed by Japanese artist Hitoshi Korogi and Keiko Miyakoshi, part of their Roggykei collection of 2010.  The pants are from another Japanese artist, Yasuko Furuta in his Toga collection for Fall 2011.  The new straight-banged wig is by Frederic Aspiras. Accesories by Chanel, and of course the Earthquake relief wristband by Haus of Gaga. 
In this interview, Gaga encouraged tourists to come back and visit the beautiful country of Japan, which is now safe and welcoming to visitors after the travesty of earthquakes and nuclear explosions last spring.

MTV Music Video Aid Japan Performance -- June 26
Outfit custom-created by Masanori Morikawa.  Gaga also shed her blue wig to reveal little blonde topknots as she performed her songs "Born this Way" and "The Edge of Glory"  in a giant spider's lair.  Apparently it was a symbol for overcoming adversity. Liking the big anime eyes.

MTV Music Video Aid Japan Press Room -- June 26
After her performance, Gaga tread lightly across the carpet in Norikita Tatehana boots (she wears this designer EVERYWHERE).  The purse was bought in Japan and is from Gianni Versace's Spring 1992 animal print collection... Or is it from Versace 2011/2012?  She said the vest was made by "AFG Leather," a Japanese brand. Accessories by Chanel and Versace.  Again, big anime eyes.  Very Japanese.

UPDATE:  The vest is by Koshiro Ebata for Garter.

"Sukkiri" TV Show in Japan -- June 28
Gaga went Panda on us on this Japanese Television show, wearing a dress from the Roggykei collection by Hitoshi Korogi and Keiko Miyakoshi.  She wore this designer earlier as well (see above).
Here's a video of the interview.  She was so cute on this show.  I would totally wear this outfit.  The designer of Hello Kitty also appeared on the show and presented Gaga with a custom-made surprise.

On NHK News Watch 9 -- June 28
Gaga gets out her teal wig again and wears a dress by Sachio Kawasaki that was custom made for her.
Watch the interview here.

Appearance on ZIP TV -- June 29
I know nothing about this outfit yet.  I'll keep ya posted, though.

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Blessings:  My country, my leaders, my freedoms.
Things Learned:  Caitlyn's boyfriend isn't that attractive. There was a 7/11 Rave last night at 3 AM.

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