Friday, June 17, 2011

It's been a while.

Remember how I said at the end of the last post that the Edge of Glory video would leave me with similar feelings of wonder and appreciation for Lady Gaga's artistry and work?
Well... it didn't.

I was not turned off by any inappropriate sexual behavior or nudity, nor was I offended by the blatant statements about gay rights or "blasphemous religious imagery."

To put it shortly....  I was BORED.

Yes, I said it.  Something Lady Gaga did BORED me.

This video is probably one of the greatest Gaga will ever write.  It's an anthem about a lot of things... love, death, victory.  But the video shows none of this symbolism, this energy, this LIFE.  I can sum up the vid in five words:
Gaga Dancing on Street Corner.

And that is it.

Not joking.  There are no back-up dancers, no special effects or symbolic imagery... not even a real COSTUME CHANGE!!  Okay, so there's a sax-player, just sitting and watching Gaga gyrate on the steps.  But this movie had no action, no real climax.  I went in watching the video expecting fireworks.  When it began, I got chills because I THOUGHT it could only get better.  But it didn't.  It stayed exactly the same for the whole video.  Her dance moves were even repeated a few times within the five-minute song.  I kept expecting SOMETHING to happen.  Maybe at the end some of her background dancers would come out and they'd all dance in the streets together.  Nope.  Maybe the lighting will change once the saxophone starts. Nope.  Maybe she'll jump out the window into another dimension or something.  Nope.  Maybe she'll strip naked.  NOPE.  NOTHING.  Nothing but stupid dancing on a stupid staircase.  No climax, no "moment of truth."  Seriously, no "edge of glory."  I am confused.

I think Lady Gaga was TRYING to sum up her feelings about her humble beginnings on the New York West Side, and while that's great and all, there really should have been more to it than what I saw.  Gaga's into schmultz, glamor, shock value, MEANING.  I felt like this whole video was really slapped together with little thought and interest in what the song was REALLY about.  I have yet to hear her comment on it, but I wouldn't be surprised if people completely forgot it existed the first five minutes after watching it.  It is in no way memorable or revolutionary.

When I watch a music video, I ask myself this question:  Would I watch it again?  If the answer is yes, I dub it "good."  Not only did I answer "no" to that question in regards to this Gaga video, but I actually said to myself:  "Not only will I never watch this video again, I almost regret wasting five minutes of my life to watch it!!"

Don't take my word for it. Watch it yourself!

I'm sure my feelings will be a lot less intense in a few hours.  But right now I am very disappointed and almost frustrated by how unexciting that vid was!!

Listening to:  The Edge of Glory.  (I still like the song!!)
Things Going On Today:  No school.  Amoray goes through the temple.  I practice a song for sacrament meeting.
Blessings:  Leather gloves, coloring books, and crying.

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