Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A New Addition

I am adding a new addition to my signature on each of my posts.  I will call it "Things Learned" and basically it's an opportunity for me to acknowledge some of the things I learned that day.

I am beginning to understand myself more than ever.  And I'm beginning to realize what I truly value in life.  One of my biggest priorities, I've noticed, is gaining knowledge.  I always want to be learning something, so that one day I may be a genius.  And not just a genius in one thing; I want to know everything about everything.  I think this is a pretty righteous goal because I see God as the ultimate supergenius.  God knows EVERYTHING.  And I think his vast knowledge on every possible subject in the universe translates into ultimate power and control.  Ultimate wisdom.  Ultimate happiness.  So I think gaining knowledge on earth helps you become more like God.

I always knew I loved learning.  I have said over and over again that if I had the chance, I would go to school for the rest of my life.  Listen to lectures, take notes, read books, write papers, study stuff.  I feel like I learn best in a college environment, where people ask questions, discuss things, experiment.  But after talking to a friend of mine the other day at a ward picnic and I am beginning to realize that there are many ways to learn.  Sometimes you need to listen.  Sometimes you need to experience.  Sometimes you need to read.  Sometimes you need to think.  Sometimes you need to talk. I hope that, as a music teacher, I can continuously be learning from my students. Bottom line: It doesn't matter how you learn, the goal is to always be learning something.  So this is a chance for me, hopefully, to become more like God by pointing out the small moments in my life where I learned something... maybe even unexpectedly.

So here we go...

Listening to:  Lady Gaga interview on a Japanese Television Show
Things Going on Today:  Institute.  Mowed with a '48.  Went to Smith's with Alicia.
Blessings:  Ink bottles that open.  Sealing wax sold at BYU bookstore.  Cute institute teachers.
Things Learned:  I have a big mouth.  Laman and Lemuel had a lot of "lightswitch" spiritual experiences (see Elder Bednar's Talk from last conference...) but didn't learn anything from them.  I will be out of money by the year 2012.

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