Saturday, June 18, 2011

Edge of Glory Update

So there are some more things I should say about the EOG music video.  I received a lot more information about why it is the way it is...

The video was supposed to be directed by Joseph Kahn, the same guy who directed Gaga's "Eh Eh" video back in 2009.  However, due to a creative dispute, Kahn walked out on the project just a few days before it was due to be shot, and just a few more days before the video was supposed to be released.  All of the costumes, choreography, and concepts that had been planned were now shot, and Gaga needed to improvise.  She didn't even have choreographer Laurianne Gibson on her side for this one, so the Haus took charge and they created a video that took only one day to produce and record.  It was all very spur-of-the-moment, and Gaga was pretty much on her own for the directing process.

With that in mind, I completely understand why the video seemed unprepared and simple.  My opinion of the video still hasn't changed.  It still looks terrible.  But now we understand why.  

Listening to:  Broken by Seether featuring Amy Lee
Things Going on Today:  Nate and Amoray's wedding reception, Manti pageant.
Blessings:  A good nap, crayons, and wedding dresses.

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