Friday, March 30, 2012

Fridaaaaay, Fridaaaay, Friday is my favorite day.

Last night I had my first real dream about my crush.  In this dream, we weren't cousins, I wasn't dating his roommate, and he didn't just sit in the background.  I dreamed that we were both in the back seat of a car, and  he put his arm around me and told me that he had just got his driver's license and wanted to take me out on a real date.  We pulled up to one of those haunted house things, but it was still broad daylight, so we decided to wait in the car until it got dark before we went in.
Then the dream changed and I was sitting in the car with my ex-boyfriend's fiancee's best friend.  I've never actually met my ex-boyfriend's fiancee's best friend, but in my head, I imagined her to be a plumper woman who wore jewel tones and wore fun feathers in her hair. At one point or another I found myself saying to her, "Well, I totally approve of you marrying him," but then I caught myself and said, "I totally approve of Rachel marrying him."  We parked in a parking lot, surrounded by dozens of Indian children.  They were all chanting "Hari Krishna."
But then I dreamed that I was suddenly in Professor McGonagall's house (yes, as in Maggie Smith in all her wizarding glory), whitewashing her old apartment in order to pay for my room and board. My dad was there, saying he was proud of me for having such a good work ethic.  I was wearing my purple plaid shirt.

Dreams are for rookies.

Things going on today:  Women's Chorus Concert
Blessings:  Waking up before your alarm.
Learned:   Janelle Monae is a wonderful dancer.
Listening to:  "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae

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