Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why I have not blogged in a while:

Reasons why I haven't blogged in a while:

I've been reading up about Greenberg, Camus, and Picasso.
I've been eating Red Vines up the wazoo until I get sick.
I've been attending fondu parties.
I've been calling my boyfriend who left for Seattle.
I've been crying over said boyfriend.
I've been attending a deaf ward.
I've been mulching like crazy.
I've been trying to meet people.
I've been trying to do well in school.
I've been trying not to die because my favorite person is gone.

That's about it.

Listening to:  Ancient Voices of Children
Things Going On Today:  Church, mother's day.
Blessings:  A bed.  A pillow.  And lots of blankets.

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