Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Know I'm Lame

I know I'm lame. I know I haven't blogged in a very long while. But I also know no one follows this blog anyway, so it really doesn't matter.
I suppose I could catch you up on what's happened these past couple of weeks:

1. Lots of volunteering at nursing homes aroung happy valley.
2. Thanksgiving Dinner. I made a pumpkin pie. Two pumpkin pies, actually. There's still a whole half of one in the refrigerator that I'm slowly working my way toward finishing.
3. Elder Waffle... is now just a Waffle. He got sent home on his mission, though he won't tell me why. All I know is that it was both a heartbreaking and a spiritual experience for him. I've been trying to make my own experience with this more spiritual than heartbreaking, but it's hard. He came to visit last Friday and it was quite the interesting visit at that. He's got to swear off girls until he's back in full fellowship with the church, so that means he really can't date me at all until then. And in the meantime I'm wondering if I still want to date him at all. Things are just weird. Weird weird weird. Moving on...
4. Still no word from Sister A. About that night of the Lady Gaga concert. ANSWER ME WOMAN!!!
5. There's this guy in my ward named Mark who basically put an entire letter from Bill Gates to computer hobbyists from the 1970s into a song. Here it is:

Okay, so he's sort of hilarious.

6. SNOW REMOVAL, which is, weird as it sounds, a very satisfying form of torture. I feel like I'm suffering with a purpose, and things always turn out better than I think. On our worst day for snow so far -- Sunday -- it snowed and snowed and snowed and we all were there for like ten hours. BUT... I got to leave early because I had to give a talk in church. Or that day we were up at 2 AM to shovel, we got to go home after only three hours. See? There's a silver lining!
7. I've got ONE MORE PAPER before I'm done with all my big projects/papers for the semester. The only thing I have now to worry about is a test and then it's FINALS. I have four of them: sociology, English, ASL, and Humanites. One of them is take-home, and the rest should be easy. I smell another 4.0... wouldn't that be great!?
8. I had to give a talk about counting blessings last week, so I'm starting a blessings journal. I have to think of ten good things that God has blessed me with each day. It's harder than it looks, but I think it will get easier with time.
9. Ke$ha's got a new CD out... "Cannibal." It's sort of a copycat of "The Fame Monster" but I still like it. My favorite songs are "Crazy Beautiful Life" and "Grow a Pear." :D
10. My parents are coming out here for Christmas! Mucho excited!!!!

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