Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Apartment Dreams

I had some funny dreams last night. I was in my new apartment, sleeping in this bed for the first time. It got very hot, so I woke up once or twice, so I had a few completely separate dreams.
First off... I dreamt I was traveling across a green landscape on a train with a bunch of my friends from church and from high school. We stopped at this big hotel and Mike Sanderson was giving piggy-back rides there. I got one. But then I saw Jordan Beal and suddenly we started this teenage romance thing. He asked me if I was his friend or his enemy. I said friend and then he let me wear his big lumberjack sweater. It wasn't long til we were both under the sweater, keeping warm together.
Then Sister Mason came in and told us she was pregnant. The Deavens were worried about whether or not that meant they could still have their voice recitals.

Then I dreamt that I was flying kites out on a dock next to the wild ocean. It was night time, and I was in my underwear. It began to rain. Then, out of nowhere, I was up on the kite ... still almost naked. Eminem was down there, "flying" me into the rain. Then a giant red and black fish came out of the water and snapped at me. Eminem said that he wouldn't let me die; he'd save me. So he flew me higher so that the fish could never reach me.

Yes, interesting dreams.
The one with Jordan felt very real. Suddenly I like him again.

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