Sunday, June 22, 2014


1.  Visit the Spiral Jetty (with friends)
2.  Get a gym membership.
3. Send 100 letters to 100 different people/households. (#snailmailsummer)
4.  Play 10 songs on the guitar in their entirety (including proper tablatures. No cheating!)
5.  Write 2 new songs.
6.  Visit 5 new restaurants (with friends)
7.  Go to a movie by myself.
8.  Read the following:  2 music history textbooks, 4 non-textbooks having to do with music or music history, 1 novel.
9.  Finish half of my GIANT journal.
10.  Play Ultimate Frizbee (with friends)
11.  Record an original song.
12. Attend at least one Rooftop Series Concert.
13. Try 5 new recipes.
14.  Keep my room clean. Always.
15.  Learn 1 Bach prelude or fugue.
17. Make a blanket out of my theater t-shirts.
18.  Do 10 "pinterest projects."
19.  Go to the temple once a month.
20. Get a tan (not at a salon).

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