Friday, May 24, 2013

I wrote some Journals in Junior High...

...and I called them Heart and Amy.  Their contents span from Summer of 2004 to Spring 2005.  The interesting thing about this journal was how I signed my name after each entry.  Sometimes I signed them as "Hannah" or "Hannah Johnson," but sometimes things got interesting. Here are all of the names I signed at the end of Heart's journal entries:

  • Hannah
  • Broken-hearted in Burnsville
  • Annie McNeal
  • Winona
  • Aaron-less Annie
  • Zahn the Electric Warrior
  • Clay-Crazy in Burnsville
  • Claymate
  • Zahn
  • Ben-Crazy
  • Hannah: But why?
  • Hanna
  • Hannah Johnson AKA ANTI-Overachiever
  • Hannah Johnson
  • Hannah Mark-less
  • Aubrey/Amy Wannabe
  • "Christine I Love You" CRAZY! Hannah
  • Paulbegone
  • Mother-Abbess-to-be
  • Hannah Jarett Lover
  • Claymate (Hannah)
  • Non-poser (I hope.)
  • Hannah <3's Mark
  • Hyde Lover
  • A very upset, depressed, and angry person who loved you. I loved you.
  • Furious Hannah who hates Mark and economics!
  • Lillian Helena Hannah Johnson (my name)
There are other things interesting about this journal.  I will list them: 

Listening to: "Kidney Now!"
Learned: How to make blondies!
Blessings: Free bananas and discounted blinker-light repair.
Things going on: Work, celebration of a birthday, and car shopped.  

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