Saturday, October 29, 2011

DC Trip Part !#

A bit of Artsyness of my own...

My sweet mother, admiring art.

A hurried picture of the Washington Monument.

The American Indian Museum.  We never went inside, but isn't it a cool building?

Ellen and Nathan, lookin' hot.




Modern architecture.

Neo-Classical Architecture

The outdoor rose garden, featuring roses and a host of other pretty green things. 

Nathan, posing.

Ellen, my darling sister, posing.

Me... in a very flattering outfit... NOT. 

Look... a bee.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  Taken completely by accident. 

Rose garden.  


Most of the roses were dead or dying.  Not this one...


My dear sweet parents.  This is why I love them. 

Awww, Han, quit with the mushy stuff!

Another favorite picture, again taken by accident. 

Gaaa, I just can't get OVER how cute my sister is!

Dad.  :D  I love him.

Look!  A cool exotic flower!

I took this picture more for mom's sake.  She liked the design and wished she could duplicate it somehow in our backyard.  Let me know how that goes, Mom.

Right outside the Smithsonian "Herbarium," which I greatly would have liked to see.  But it was closed, so take a looka t the building.  The plant life surrounding it is meant to represent different classes of plants from around the world.  It's kind of a fun little adventure.

What a great family experience, this DC trip o' mine.

Listening to:  "Helena Beat" by Foster the People.  My new obsession.
Blessings:  Thanksgiving dinners.  Family.  Friends.  A computer.  A piano.  Three-day weekends.  No work.  No snow.  And my best friend is coming back to BYU this winter.  SO THANKFUL.
Things Going On Today:  Try things NOT going on today.  No school.  No work.  No parties.  I'm free to do homework ALL DAY.  
Learned:  What the phrase "Loss of Down" means in football.  

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