Saturday, August 20, 2011

DC Trip Part !)

The Air and Space Museum


Of course, had to get the modern art at the front of the building.  It's called Continuum by Charles L. Perry.  It's a free-moving sculpture.  It's sort of a play on the Mobius Strip and symbolizes a black hole. 

Here's a little Sputnik Model.

Some big tower-like spacecraft.


Our spot under a satellite.  There weren't enough chairs or benches for us to sit on.

In the "learning about the universe" exhibit, there was a display about infrared and heat light waves, which included this infrared screen.  I bet you can tell which one of these faces is mine and which is my sisters. 

This one may be a bit tougher.  I'm the one with the hand.

I needed a picture of this for two reasons.  One, it involved homing pigeons.  Throughout our exploration of DC, I saw a lot of pigeons, and more than once made an attempt to kick them like footballs.  They're such fat, annoying, stupid birds, I simply can't resist.  The second reason why this picture is important is because it includes a cage that we Johnsons use as a chippy-napper back home in Minnesota.  Pretty fun stuff.

Here's the original Wright Flyer I, the first plane ever successfully flown by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903.  Dad really wanted to see this exhibit. 

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Blessings:  A&W Root Beer
Things Going On Today:  Probably buying myself some books n' stuff.
Learned: Another version of Perry's Continuum, called Continuum II, is located in Singapore.  

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