Saturday, November 21, 2009

Katy Perry

Let's talk Katy Perry, shall we?

Amazing platforms. Go to this link for the detail. It's worth it.

Some amazing boots... Katy Perry Style.
Right: Louboutons!!!

Classic red heels we adore.

Her custom designs: Disco Princess by Vans and her custom black-and-white Keds.

Apparently these are some of her favorites:
Javari sequins!!

She's often seen in Louboutin.

"Thinking of You" shoes by Giambattista.

I got these pics from -- yet another shoe blog of which I draw my best inspirations. The actual black shoes worn by Perry are now out of stock. Bummer.

Here they are in action. Everything about this outfit I love.

And, to top it off, she performs in a giant shoe. I love her.

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