Sunday, October 4, 2009

From college

Some cool stuff I've found since I've gotten to BYU...

A Picture I took at my Bishop's house. I was so bored.

Lady Gaga at VMA'S. A stunning performance.

A picture Devin took of a Balloon at a BYU game. I only went to one Cougar game, myself, and while I was there, he kept making fun of me about how I seemed to be more interested in the floating balloons than the game. The next game he went to, he took this picture for me and sent it to Ashley's phone, along with the text "Show this to Helena. It's a balloon."
You can hardly even see it. But I appreciate the thought.

Then there's a little poetry...
I've had this obsession with mirrors lately. How much truth do they reveal, and how much to they have to teach me about myself and my mission in life?

A mirror
Is just glass
It can lie, can't it?

I look down at my hands
(I have hands?)

Who am I?
"be yourself"
who is it?

is it me?
or the girl in the mirror?
or am i her?
the girl he sees?

Who am I?
that's not the question.

I know who I am.
I'm Hannah.
I have hands.
And eyes -- (both inside and outside)
to view my reflections.

I can see who I am.
I know who I am.

It's who I want to be...
That's the bigger question.

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